Floating Magnetic Shoe

A Floating Magnetic Shoe is a groundbreaking footwear innovation that incorporates magnetic levitation technology, creating an illusion of walking on air. This extraordinary shoe comprises two key components: a magnetic base equipped with a set of powerful magnets and a lightweight upper section that securely attaches to the base.

LED Logo Projector

The LED Logo Projector is a versatile and innovative lighting solution designed to make a lasting impression in various settings. This compact yet powerful device allows you to project your custom logos, messages, or images onto walls, floors, or other surfaces with remarkable clarity and vibrancy. Whether you’re looking to enhance branding at a corporate …

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Transparent LCD Display

Transparent LCD Box is a cutting-edge solution for immersive visual experiences. With its high-definition 1080P display, content comes to life with stunning clarity. The transparent LCD type adds a unique touch to your presentations. Seamlessly manage and control the device through our Cloud Management System. Supporting the Android system, it offers versatile functionality. Store and …

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Transparent Outdoor SMD

Transparent Outdoor SMD displays the epitome of visual excellence. These displays offer dynamic and customizable visuals with a smooth refresh rate, making them ideal for fast-paced content. With enhanced brightness, they deliver striking visuals in any lighting condition. Enjoy the convenience of personalized settings through our cloud-based management system. Whether you need specific screen sizes …

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Transparent Indoor SMD

Transparent Indoor SMD screens are experiencing the next level of visual innovation. With a high refresh rate and HD display, every detail is rendered with remarkable clarity and smoothness. The customizable screen sizes ensure a perfect fit for any space or application. Manage and control the screens effortlessly with our Cloud Management System. Enjoy seamless …

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Hologram Fan

Hologram Fan is a groundbreaking device that brings mesmerizing visuals to life. With its high-definition 1080P display, holographic projections are rendered with exceptional clarity. The Cloud Management System enables easy control and content management. It supports the Android mobile app, ensuring seamless connectivity. Store your content with the 8GB built-in storage or expand it using …

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Interactive Floor Projector

Interactive Floor Projector is a cutting-edge solution for captivating user experiences. With its high-definition 1080P display, visuals come to life with stunning clarity. The 10-point multi-touch functionality enables seamless interactive engagement. Choose from a screen size range of 32 to 100 inches, tailoring the experience to your space. Compatible with Android and Windows systems, it …

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Digital E-book

Digital E-book is a versatile device designed for an exceptional reading experience. Featuring e-ink Display technology, it replicates the feel of real paper. The 10-inch screen size provides ample space for immersive reading. With support for Android, it offers a wide range of functionalities. The device is equipped with 3GB RAM and built-in storage of …

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Interactive Whiteboards

Digital Interactive Whiteboard is delivering immersive user experiences. Witness stunningly detailed visuals on its high-definition 1080P display. Intuitive interactions are enabled by the 10-point multi-touch functionality. Enjoy its versatile compatibility with Android and Windows systems. Ample storage of 32GB and beyond accommodates extensive content. Seamless USB multimedia playback complements the dual integrated speakers, immersing you …

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Digital Notice Boards

Digital Notice Board offers an engaging user experience. Experience remarkable visual detail on its high-definition 1080P display. Intuitive interactions are facilitated by the 10-point multi-touch functionality. Benefit from its versatile compatibility with Android and Windows systems. Store a vast amount of content with an ample storage capacity of 32GB and more. Seamless USB multimedia playback …

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