Banks and Offices

Show what you provide with Glomax latest promoting techniques.


Give your brand an enthralling recognition with Glomax.

Digital Display Stands

Our digital signage standing floors are ideal for attracting customers.

Educational Institutes

Wider view, cover more viewers to promote your institutes.

SMD Video Walls

Glomax is Pakistan’s number 1 SMD video Walls provider.

SMD Screens

World’s best digital signage, SMD Screens.

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Physical Inspection

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After Sale

Digital Signage

Signage Support

Maintenance Services

Software Development

About Us

Glomax Solutions is one of Pakistan’s top digital signage companies. This company has been serving the nation since 2016. Having an extensive experience of almost 7-years in developing and implementing bespoke digital signage systems.
Glomax Solutions provides a complete range of the best quality indoor & outdoor SMD screens, LCD LED displays, video walls, and digital signage in Pakistan with warranty & after sales service at affordable prices.
Glomax Solutions understands the needs of your brand and product and can handle even the most complicated tasks. We are well-managed by experienced professionals with several years of expertise in digital signage company in Pakistan.
Each project is unique, and we take pleasure in developing customized solutions for each and every client. Customers must be actively involved in your business in order to create a memorable experience. Allow our staff to assist you in finding a solution.

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Our Solutions

Educational Institutes Solutions
Educational Institutes Solutions

Facial recognition and temperature measurement system
Indoor SMD with a wider view which is highly adjustable in auditorium
Student collaboration with digital high-quality whiteboards
Detect body temperature with wall mount infrared thermometer

Bank Solutions
Bank Solutions

LED logo projector is a great option for branding banking solution

LED poster display is brighter and wider enough to showcase your brand.

Digital floor standee is the best choice to facilitate your customers

Transform your wooden notice board with digital interactive notice board

DIgital Dislay
Digital Display Stands for Advertisers

Seamless 32-inch Digital Display Stands for Advertisers
Remote Control or Control it with your android smartphone
Design it by yourself; Customize it
USB potable

Jewelers Solutions

Glam your shop with an LED logo projector

For indoor branding use an enthralling LCD poster display

Digital table mirror is the finest pick for making the ambiance more attractive.

Brand your shop with automatic hand sanitizer dispensers

DIgital Dislay
Brands solutions

Transparent SMD display is the finest pick for in-shop branding.

Floating magnetic shoe display grabs the customers attention

LCD poster displays are the future substitutes for traditional panda standees

Interactive KIOSK is widely used in many top brands for customer self-service

beauty salon
Beauty Salons Solutions

Hologram 3D photos or videos display is best for advertising

Custom logo LED HD indoor head projector

Outdoor waterproof rotating advertising logo image projector

Bright color and highly adjustable SMD indoor and outdoor display




Choose the best option that suits your brand’s needs.


Location Survey:

Find the best location for your signage display.



Choose what finance you can afford.



Professionals swiftly assemble your display.



Our specialist will assist you after the sale.

Our Products

Disinfection through UV-C

Post lockdown, the question of how to get Govt. SOPs implemented without any extra effort or hassle still remains. We, Glomax Solutions, have launched innovative devices for; homes, brand outlets, offices and shopping malls that can make their lives easier and safe.
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Glomax provides digital signage services for all kinds of businesses


Clothing Brands


Shoe Brands


Banks Financial Institutes


Educational Institutes


Telecom Companies


Oil Marketing Firms





Quick response

We are very responsive to our client’s queries and concerns because we believe that if our solution is placed in a brand and it stays out of order, then the loss of branding caused by this delay or inactivity is basically loss for The Glomax Solutions. Our maintenance services TAT for Lahore is 24 hours.



We are in the field of digital signage for almost 5 years now. Our staff is well educated, well trained and has up to date product knowledge that differentiates us from the rest of the vendors.


No geek speak

It is a general industry trend to use heavy and geeky words to impress the customers, or giving a false representation of one’s brand and overburdening the client with excessive information that is not required. We don’t do that. We try to keep it simple and accurate.


Business savvy

Our management is business savvy; we don’t try to sell everything we offer to each and every client. We give them only those options that will suffice their branding and advertising needs at an economical cost.


One Stop Shop

We fulfill all your requirements from; hardware to its wiring, from software to compatibility issues, from signage solutions to signage support, from traditional solutions to advanced and modern branding solutions, and the necessary software required to keep these devices up and running, you can get all of that under one roof.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will not leave our customer un-attended unless he is 100% satisfied with our product quality and services. Customer delightedness is our motto and we work hard to achieve it by satisfying all the customer requirements and that too in a reasonable time.


Maintenance Services

Cloud LCD Media Controller



Let's see our valuable Works




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Let’s Grow Your Business Together

Glomax is renowned as one of the top leading digital signage solutions providers in Pakistan. Founded and managed by skilled experts with significant expertise in the area of digital signage in Pakistan, Glomax Solutions has established itself as a leader in the industry. We understand the requirements of your brand and product and are capable of completing even the most complicated tasks with ease.

Attractive SMD Screen for Capturing Customers

We prioritize quality since we have a long-standing reputation to maintain. So, our screens are made using cutting-edge technologies like SMD screens , which provide excellent image quality.

Size is not the only factor to consider when building a high-quality screen. Other factors to consider include the LED display type, pixel pitch, and brightness. That's not everything, but they're the most vital.

Indoor & Outdoor SMD

Indoor and outdoor SMDs are very essential as they help in brand recognition. We provide a wide range of SMD LED displays that help you in communicating with the public.

The same principles apply whether you wish to send a simple color message or a complex technological message. An indoor SMD display gives you a variety of options for conveying your brand message to both targeted and broad audiences.

Outdoor SMD displays take advertising to new heights. It is a great method to promote your brand. Use this big beautiful digital signage display to promote your company worldwide.

Glam It with Brightness and Appealing 3D LED

Marketing relies heavily on technology. Attracting consumers or promoting your business has gotten more technical and simpler. There are many ways to promote a company. A 3D LED display is a contemporary way to advertise your business. These LEDs are very realistic. Glomax offers high-quality LED displays in Pakistan that are wider.

A hologram is a 3D image created by recording the light dispersed from an item and projecting it without any additional equipment. 3D hologram fans are a new era marketing tool. Glomax solutions make these new marketing tools and technologies accessible.

A KIOSK is a tiny, temporary, stand-alone booth used for marketing. It improves revenue, brand loyalty, and the consumer purchasing experience. These interactive touch screens can help any business to expand quickly and affordably. This is a touch led display that customers love using.

Need Of the Modern Age

Every business looks for a way to gain. Marketers never miss an opportunity to promote their products. As we have seen, COVID has taken over the globe. Brands must prioritize customer protection. Glomax never misses the chance to protect the health of the customers and the brand. We provide temperature deduction devices for the safety of customers. Premium-grade hand sanitizer dispensers are designed to promote your business. Glomax combines safety with marketing.

Glomax Solutions are an indisputable top-ranking digital signage solutions company with the mission to provide top-notch quality advertisement screens in Pakistan. A company run by the most hardworking employees, our mission is to supply our customers with unparalleled signage solutions with HD clarity that mesmerize the viewers. We provide our customers with the convenience of buying flexible screens online, and our fast delivery leaves them spell-bound. Our products range from SMD screens, transparent screens, LED screens, Hologram Fans, interactive screens, COVID prevention equipment, and a plethora of technological display solutions.

That’s not all, we also are known for being the most efficient SMD repairing company. Repairs require effort and are such a hassle, but with us, the best customer experience is but a call away! We provide high-quality screens that last a lifetime due to their durability. Get the best touch display in Pakistan, with HD visuals, and a touch display on which one can glide fingers to send commands. Our extremely sharp and bright screen resolutions and built-in cooling systems in devices are the envy of the town. We eradicate your maintenance woes too with SMD maintenance services. Prepare to be enchanted, impressed, and captivated by Glomax Solutions’ marvels.