Hardware Repairing

The real challenge is to keep the screens in running and trouble-free form especially when we are talking about outdoor screens. SMD screens require hardware maintenance on periodic basis. Sometimes, a bit of negligence at the time of installation can also develop into a serious problem e.g. water proofing done improperly. We, the Glomax Solutions, provide solution to all your such troubles.

Structural Problem​

If you are facing issues such as water seepage, Humidity/heat problems and/or electricity fluctuation, our technical team is there to make your SMD displays perfectly free of all such troubles.

Refreshing Screen

If your SMD display is not working properly and having display issues every other day, then we could be of help to you. We will refresh the whole SMD display to give optimized performance which may include change of power supplies, power cables, data control cards/cables etc. And the life of your display will increase for another couple of years.


If you feel that the existing size or arrangement of your SMD screen is not fulfilling the display requirements, we can re-design it and can restructure/reshape the screen as per your requirements while utilizing the basic parts of the existing screen. We can also extend our standard warranty if you desire it.

Screen Shifting​

If you want to relocate your screen whether its indoor or outdoor display and from one place to another or one city to other, just call Glomax and get your SMD display shifted anywhere in Pakistan. ​


If you are having trouble with the IC/LED and multi-color shades of your SMD display then look no further, just call the Team TGS and we will get this issue fixed for you.​


Keeping the software of any SMD screen, updated is the most important aspect. We, the Glomax Solutions, provide software configuration, upgradation and CMS services as well.


If you are having screen configuration issues, or issues with the setting of the indoor or outdoor SMD display, just give us a call and all your software configuration issues will be resolved.


We can provide the convenience of managing the screens all around Pakistan from your office or your mobile. No more hassle to plug in USB or asking the staff to tell you about what’s going on with the screen.


We can successfully upgrade your existing controlling systems/firmware of your SMD screens. In certain cases, it may require change of hardware but it varies from case to case.


The Glomax Solutions, can conveniently and effectively improve the display quality of your branding media (Indoor & Outdoor SMD screens). Once we perform this procedure on your displays, you will feel a significant difference in the display quality. ​


We are capable of converting your traditional branding solutions into wirelessly controlled branding displays. ​


Are you facing an issue related to the software of the SMD screen? We will do the installation of the software of your system and will also provide you an installation guide or manual to manage the video content with ease.​


The Glomax Solutions, are experts in providing after-sales and maintenance services of LCD products like floor standing media, interactive screens/kiosks etc.

LCD display screens used for branding purpose need to be handled differently. Therefore, we recommend our Cloud Management System (CMS). With the help of CMS, you can easily convert your simple TV screens into a powerful branding tool and do the data management remotely from your head office or on the go.


The brands who have installed LCD video walls in their outlets do start facing different issues due to lack of maintenance or service warranty. We can review the situation and give you the solutions/way forward to cope with that scenario.


We can convert your existing LCD display into some other eye catching branding equipment e.g. floor standing media. We can create different shapes and designs using your existing LCD displays and turn the whole environment into a new theme.

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